Entrepreneurship as a University Liberal Arts Course

Entrepreneurship as a University Liberal Arts Course

Hello. Baek Ji-hoon is also a business administration student who helps entrepreneurs.
I teach entrepreneurship courses at Hankyong National University (changed school name from “Hangyeong University”).
Since the 2nd semester of 2021, it has been meant to be, so I am already teaching the 4th semester.

Because of the pandemic, it seems like yesterday that we were conducting non-face-to-face online classes.
It’s nice to be able to make eye contact with students in the classroom now.
Thanks to the energy of the students I meet every Monday, I can spend the week energetically.

The goal of my class is for students to “experience the process of developing an idea into a business.”
In the process, you will learn ① various startup case studies, ② practical knowledge and related theories of startups.
Although the foundation of entrepreneurship is technology entrepreneurship, in reality entrepreneurship is not limited to technology entrepreneurship, so it deals with various forms of entrepreneurship.

The overall flow is to learn entrepreneurship – idea development – business model – marketing – team building – how to write a business plan – investment attraction in one semester, and finish the semester with a business plan presentation.
Writing a business plan and presenting a business plan become a one-semester project.

As a start-up class, I want to tell practical stories that can help in real life rather than stories that appear in textbooks.
Sometimes we talk about interesting topics such as trends, personal branding, persuasion and negotiation, and investment (financial technology).

(Because I’m so proud of it, I’m bragging)
Receiving such a message from a student will relieve old fatigue and give you great strength. Impressed (ㅠ_ㅠ)

​I showed you how to teach entrepreneurship as a liberal arts subject in college, the class scene, and introduced the actual lecture plan.

The weather has come and gone these days. Be careful of cold!

Wednesday, March 15, 2023 Baek Jihoon

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