Trend Academic Meeting with MBA Graduate School of Business, University of Seoul

Trend Academic Meeting with MBA Graduate School of Business, University of Seoul

hello. I am Baek Ji-hoon, a self-employed person who helps start-ups, and a serial entrepreneur.
Yesterday, I went to a trend academic meeting with MBA students from the Graduate School of Business at the University of Seoul.
As always, it was informative and fun.

The MBA Trend Academic Meeting at the Graduate School of Business, University of Seoul is the largest academic gathering for students and graduates.

Introducing the site of this meeting!

Part 1. trend talk

It was a trend talk by the chairman of the Trend Academic Meeting.
The chairman, who is currently in the doctoral course at Yonsei University, is working as the CTO of a startup related to cyber security.
I always learn a lot thanks to his insight that does not miss the world’s trends.

Part 2. Book Talk – “Sustainable Fashion” from experts

It’s time to think about what sustainable fashion means to us living in the same era.
Recently, there are many eco-startups and startups that advocate eco-friendly items.
I will be blogging soon about eco-friendly startup topics.

Part 3. “Stock investment habits” from an investor with 15 years of experience

Investing in stocks is always a lot of trouble and a lot of trouble.
It was a story of “stock investment habits” from an investor with 15 years of experience.
Based on the date I first started investing in stocks, I have about 20 years of experience, but there were many periods when I gave up in the middle and there were many twists and turns.
It was such an impressive content for me.
It was a story about how to realistically reduce risk beyond fundamental analysis or technical analysis.
I will not be able to disclose the contents of the presentation, but I will practice what I have learned and share the review.

Part 4. “AI Trends: ChatGPT” Explained by Data Scientists

It was an announcement about a hot topic these days, chat gpt.
Chat gpt, chat gpt, etc. are talked about in various ways, but after looking for the proper notation, it would be appropriate to say “ChatGPT”.
The ChatGPT story I heard from the data scientist gave me a lot of implications as I was thinking about the business model.
I will also summarize the ChatGPT story and post it on the blog soon.

Part 5. And after party

This is a picture taken after moving to the 1st and 2nd round of the after-party with a lot of people. Of course, there was a third…
I protected the portrait rights of the attendees, but I give up my face.

< What the hell is in an MBA? >, just like the title of the book, we introduced the site of the meeting for those who are curious about what the hell MBA is doing.^^

Sunday, March 19, 2023 Baek Jihoon

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